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About us

Urban Food and Beverages markets a selected brand portfolio of trendy beverages and food exclusively at the Austrian market.


With massive support from our dedicated Urban sales team we manage to increase the turnover of our brands in retail, gastronomy and convenience stores significantly. From customer acquisition and key account management to second placement – we ensure your increase in sales as well as an optimum appearance at the point-of-sale.


Urban F&B GmbH was founded by Julian Juen, who has already successfully introduced the innovative Feel-Better Drink Kaahée to the Austrian Market. Kaahée is one of the most successful beverage innovations of the last years.


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Our Team

Julian Juen

CEO & Founder

Julian Juen is a serial entrepreneur who has already built several companies and organizations, including Kaahée and Mountain Lodges of Peru, which gives him a valuable background experience for the establishment of Urban F&B GmbH. Through Kaahée Julian Juen gained extensive sales experience in the beverage industry as well as close contacts to important decision-makers within the market. With Kaahée he has shown how to successfully introduce a new beverage to the Austrian market.


Sales Management Commerce & Convenience

After years of work as a sales representative for De Beukalaer, Andreas Stammler has been working in the field for Omi’s and Kaahée before joining Urban F&B GmbH. Here, Andreas Stammler is working in retail and in key account management. He is a real sales expert, especially when it comes to managing stores and ongoing service of sales shelves whereby he proves that this is an effective way to increase profit every day.

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